How did I get here? The Beginning…

I’m a little late to the party, not just fashionably late but even the host has gone to bed…



I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2001 and blogging never even entered my mind, at the time I didn’t know anyone else with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My disease was well managed for a fair few years, I had few appointments with any medical professional. I was still happily working, mountain biking, hiking and generally enjoying life.

Doctors InstrumentsMy diagnosis was mainly thanks to a few ladies that I worked with, they noticed a big difference in my appearance. I had lost approximately 3 stone in 2 months, I admit I wasn’t particularly eating healthily, snacking mainly. These ladies forced me to phone my doctor, they stood behind me ensuring I made that call. To be honest, I knew I wasn’t well, I just didn’t want to admit it! I was prescribed the usual blood tests and rectal examinations, a short while later it was official, I had an incurable disease.

It was the mid-noughties when things took a turn for the worse, blood loss was increasing, fatigue was becoming more noticeable and some of my medication was struggling to deal with my Ulcerative Colitis and Ulcerative Proctitis. I had become a world class sprinter, the 10-second warning was decreasing, reaching 3-second warnings on the bad days. I still insisted on working but my personal life had taken a back seat, there was a lot of relaxation and chill time. It wasn’t until the end of 2007 when things went downhill, seriously downhill…


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