The Great Outdoors


10443647_10206416442398047_1077343005609528481_n (1)
Scotland Winter 2015


A week or so ago I was asked by Clare from the Colostomy Association to write a guest blog post for their website. The subject was getting outdoors with an ostomy, helping to show how getting outdoors can be accessible for people with a stoma despite preconceptions they might have.




Wild camping on Dartmoor

I admit that getting outdoors wild camping, mountain biking and enough dragging myself up mountains in Scotland has not been easy. I have had some pouch malfunctions (disconnections and pouches popping off), some very close to being an ’emergency’ malfunctions (I was on my last flange, it was getting close to leaking 80 miles from home), although I see them as all learning experiences.

What I receive back for these, few and far between issues, is stunning scenery, fresh air, laughter and fun along with the exercise this all results in benefits that I have only found in the outdoors:

  • Stunning scenery can help relax the mind and de-stress the body.
  • Fresh air benefits the brain, increased oxygen levels helps clear the mind and can aid a good nights sleep.
  • Laughter is good for the soul, simple as that. Great for relaxation and de-stressing.
  • Exercise benefits the human body both physically and psychologically. You don’t have to be running the London Marathon (great if you can) you do what you can, start small, most important of all is to enjoy it!


South West Coast Path by bike

Want to know more on how the great outdoors can help beat the depression and anxiety that can be associated with having an IBD or Stoma the contact Stress Free Outdoors





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