#StomaLife- The Week That Was!

Well, I’m back in the land of the living!

It has been a rather interesting and uncomfortable 10 days or so, it started with a bowel obstruction on Sunday night, that was uncomfortable enough as it was. I usually have obstructions last approximately 5-6 hours then a days worth of aches, like I’ve been kicked by a mule. This was different

I was still in pain on Tuesday, my parastomal hernia was agony, painful enough breathing let alone coughing, sneezing (dog owner with allergies), even laying in bed was uncomfortable.

Parasomal hernia with colostomy bag attached

So, Tuesday I had a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy appointment, not the most pleasant of invasive procedures but a necessity. I hadn’t seen my IBD nurse since 2009… way too long!

Now when you have 3 female nurses all go ‘Ooooo’ followed by ‘Poor you’ all at the same time, I swear it was scripted and well practised, you kind of guess it isn’t great news! The screen in front of me showed the inside of my rectum, the remaining 6 inches or so, not the healthiest rectum in the world.

The above images have been dragged from the internet, not my own insides but they show a healthy intestine and as you can see a rather inflamed and unhealthy looking intestine. Now when I looked up and saw an image similar to the unhealthy one I could see why I have been feeling so rubbish for so long!

Me thinks it’s time to get things sorted!

Now, my recommendation to anyone going through the joys of a Flexi Sig is gas and air, use it if you can, all previous colonoscopies have been done under sedation (didn’t always work) and flexi sigs have been unsedated but uncomfortable. One thing I will say though, don’t expect to have a sensible conversation whilst on gas and air and someone is sticking a camera where the sun doesn’t shine, I tried and failed!

After a catch up with Jo Sheppard, my IBD specialist nurse, an amazing lady, and fresh prescriptions for Prenisol enema it was a visit to see the fantastic Stoma Care Nurses at Treliske. I wanted to get my stoma and hernia checked, my stoma was still a nice red colour so no issues with ol’ stubby, there was a good blood supply. Una did get me an appointment on St Mawes ward to get my hernia checked, it was still painful to walk, and I was walking stooped over. The Junior Doctor was great, I wasn’t left waiting long before I was seen, the usual poking and prodding was ahead with the offer of blood tests, again it had been a while since they had been checked. Dr Aru was requested to join us and assess the need for surgery, I admit, deep down I knew it wasn’t an emergency but to me, at that time it felt like one. I was eventually sent packing by Dr Aru (he definitely needs a better bedside manner, miserable toad!).

The next step is to await an appointment to see my surgeon, Dr Faux, who was the kind gent who whipped out my manky colon, thank you! Repair of one parastomal hernia and total-proctectomy or pan-proctectomy.

Image borrowed from IBD Relief



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